arugula, an aphrodisiac food

aphrodisiac effects of arugula

Arugula, or rocket as the saucy Brits call it, was a popular aphrodisiac among the ancient Romans and ancient Egyptians. It was quite often associated with Priapus, a minor Roman god of fertility.

Today most proponents of arugula downplay its natural aphrodisiac properties, promoting the lettuce instead as an aid for digestion. Arugula is also said to help clear the mind. And although neither of these curative properties specifically raises sexual energy, they are both attributes that promote the right mood for romance.

It should be added that among the health benefits  of arugula, the delicate, leafy green is rich in vitamins A and C and many minerals that are essential for putting the body in its sexual prime.

Just taste this delicate yet spicy lettuce and there should be no question of its natural aphrodisiac abilities.