honey — sweet romance

aphrodisiac honey
the aphrodisiac history of honey

by Amy Reiley

The nectar of Aphrodite, honey is one of the most seductive foods in the world. Sticky, viscous, deliciously sweet, honey is as much a sensual experience as it is a delicious indulgence.

What most honey lovers don’t realize is that this liquid gold’s finest property is in its variety. There are styles of honey to suit every mood. Experts say that there are as many variations of honey as there are cuvees of wine. Styles run from bold and thick as molasses to soft and creamy as butter.

Honey provides a quick shot of natural sugar. But beyond its ability to provide a quick shot of energy, honey contains about 2% vitamins and minerals essential to obtaining and maintaining sexual health.

Even in its manufacturing, honey’s lore is that of pure romance. Culled by honeybees, it is created from the nectar of flowers, the ultimate emblem of sexual ripeness.

Photo by Zsuzsanna Kilian.

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