aphrodisiac pineapple

aphrodisiac pineapplea good source of manganese

Pineapple was used historically as a cure for impotence. The internet is littered with recipes for “libido lifting” pineapple juice cocktails.

But if you look at pineapple from a nutritional standpoint, you can start to see some of the elements that add up to pineapple’s aphrodisiac reputation. The fruit is loaded with vitamin C. (Vitamin C is essential to the production of happy hormones.) It is also a powerful antioxidant, helping us to look and feel young, hot and vibrant.

The fruit is also a very good food source of manganese—this could be where pineapple gets its reputation for fighting impotence. Manganese is well known as essential for sexual health, particularly for men. In lab studies, manganese deficiencies caused loss of sex drive and a lack of semen. Pineapple additionally  provides the body with thiamine, a nutrient which helps provide the energy needed for optimal sex drive.